Do we cater for all types of races?

Yes we time triathlons, duathlons, cycling, mountain biking, adventure races, swimming and all size run races from 5k to marathons

Do we have to book in advance?

The sooner you book the better; the last thing you need running an event is to not be able to secure a timing system so to avoid disappointment book as far in advance as possible.

As a race organiser how does registration work?

Ideally the best way is for online registration to close a couple of days before the event, we then take all the athletes details and register them to our chips. We take the programmed chip to the registration and they are given to the according athletes. For on day registration and latecomers we can program chips on the race day.

Do you send out the chips before the event?

Unless otherwise arranged we will bring the chips with us on the morning of the race. If you do day before registration then we can dispatch the chips to you ahead of time. We will send no earlier than 5 days in advance without prior arrangement

BAPS – If you are going to use the Ultra timing system we will either supply you a roll of chips numbered 1-X for your event or you can send the Bibs to us and we will apply the BAP. We will send the BAPS to you according to your timescale. If you require them attached by us then we will require 7 Days per 1000 Numbers

Do we cater for all sized races?

Yes our top of the range equipment is perfect for any sized race big or small.

How quickly can we get results?

Our timing system works in real time so literally when your athletes cross the line our large screen display will have their provisional results immediately. As a race organiser as soon as the last athlete crosses the line we will have a full list of all athletes splits and age group winners.

Can I compare results with a friend or fellow athlete?

Our immediate results screen in the athlete kiosk at the finish line can hold up to 15 results side by side on screen so athletes can compare splits, also our website archives will have the results straight after the race where athletes can check all their details

How reliable is our equipment?

We have the latest timing systems adapted for all conditions with a 99.4% read rate which out performs nearly all timing systems on the market today. For more information see our timing system section.

Can we handle last minute entry list changes?

You can make as many changes to the entry data as you like however there is always a penalty of time. For example it might not be possible to add 200 entrants to the system during a 5km fun run, however it is possible to catch up post event. Late entries and Changes should be on an entry form with the race number clearly written on the top right of the form.

Do you provide Triathlon Splits

We assume Maximum of Four Timing points when we price a race for you. If you require more than this then we may increase the price. A distance split will be an extra charge.